How to come to us?
Our address is Kadaka tee 3a, Tallinn. Entrance from the side of the house from the metal stairs, we are on the 2nd floor.
Are all the souvenirs you produce handcrafted?
All our souvenirs are handmade.
All our souvenirs are hand painted and painted.
Kõik meie suveniirid on käsitsi maalitud ja värvitud.
What are your souvenirs made of?
Our products are made of domestic birch wood, linen felt, wool felt and various high-quality textile materials.
How much do your dolls weigh?
The dolls weigh an average of 250g.
Do you also sell your souvenirs at some fairs?
Our products can be purchased at the Christmas market in the Old Town of Tallinn during Christmas.
Is it possible to order your products from abroad?
Yes, it is possible to order our products all over the world, but the cost of sending the package is paid by the customer.